"I will put my all into this and give the best of myself, so that these horses,
with their gentle, kind, sociable nature, will judge well of me..."
 Nuno Oliveira




Welcome to our website. It is dedicated to the Communicative Horses and gives you a first glimpse into their work.

Communicative Horses carry on a dialog with human beings. They are horses who speak with us. What does that mean?

The entire world of horses today is influenced, controlled, or ruled by the two-legged ones, or so it seems. But there is a small community of empowered horses and their friends that is putting up resistance to human domination ...
It is a project that belongs to the horses where there is no domination or “dressage,” where no one “whispers” or screams, no one whips or intimidates. Here human beings learn how to listen to their horses and come into a conversation with them.

Communicative Horses are masters at making themselves understood. They believe it is possible to speak with human beings as equals, without tricks or force, under saddle or side-by-side.